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For those of you that have Top Speed Exhaust or thinking of getting. Must Read!!!

So I was thinking of getting the Top Speed Race Muffler and did some research. Noticed some discrepancies betweeen some of the models that have been for sale and floating around. I'm probably going to jump on the first link. One day sale ends today and its a great price. Just want to wait for some input.

Exhibit A. The Actual Top Speed Muffler

Notice in the following picture it has the top speed badge and the brackets have holes in them. (Price $413-$459)

Exhibit B... Another Claimed Top Speed Muffler that looks 90% similar but even cheaper in price

Notice in this picture, different bracket and titanium tips. These other versions come both titanium tip and non titanium. BUT most important. (Price $300-$400) Didnt see a Top Speed badge but not sure if it is on the bottom or not there at all

Exhibit C Another Top Speed Similar Version Non Titanium

Different Bracket. Didnt see a Top Speed badge but not sure if it is on the bottom or not there at all
This one even claims to be top speed if you look at the part number in the listing.

Members I've noticed that actually have the Top Speed Exhaust with badging and proper brackets welded were:

MarqE46 (vegas crusing videos)

Member DavidFSU seemed to have recieved the second one with different welds.

Now I noticed some members had fitment issues and whistle noise. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this and see if they are the second exhaust versions of the Top Speed. They look very similar. Those different brackets could be causing the bad fitment and the whistling could be from a leak. What strikes me as odd is also that Exhaust A and Exhaust C look like they are resting on the exact same tile floor but they are infact different. I am not sure if this is the seller being smart to try to trick people to assume its the same exhaust as the other listing. And the picture from Exhaust A (the original) is the EXACT same picture on the website. And they claimed its the exact same exhaust.

I tend to do my research for anything before I buy in depth. I hope this helps everyone, I am not saying whoever bought the second version got screwed. I just want to help straighten out the misconceptions. Let's get some input.

I noticed MarqE46 never mentioned any fitment issues, so hopefully he can give some input to start us off since we know he has the original.

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