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My Ride: 03' 325i/00' Celica
No first aid kit in my 325i.

I also can't find the "secret" compartment by the driver's leg? Any help?


Speculations awaiting research:
I was told once before that the memory seat option will also hold the preset radio stations set at that time. Not sure and don't listen to radio. We don't get many stations here. But may be worth looking into for some. May only be with certain players/models.

I also heard that BMW did a lot of research on finding the best HID power for the brightest lumen output and distance on the Xenon Package'd cars.. I will be looking into that more to provide you all with the correct information.


Before we get started; Not for E46 but.. BMW's in general. I've been watching TED Talks for a long time now, and they have some brilliant minds on there. BMW and TED have now partnered. Glad to be a part of this brand.
Originally Posted by BMW USA Website
Once a year, 1,000 great thinkers are invited to the exclusive TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference to share their belief that ideas are everything. Now, for the first time ever, BMW has an exclusive partnership with TED, enabling us to bring the wisdom, inspiration and groundbreaking innovation to the rest of the world. As Chris Anderson, Curator of the TED Conference pointed out, BMW is a natural partner for TED. Both organizations strongly believe that ideas can change the world. And by spreading the thoughts of these distinguished thinkers - we can do our part to shape the future.

Let me see if I can't add anything after these cars being out about 12 years. Here is some interesting info that I didn't see listed:
  1. The E46 323, despite having a 2.5L engine, was designated "323" and not "325", to increase the apparent spread between it and the correctly-numbered 328 to appeal to BMW enthusiasts. (SOURCE: Wikipedia) This is against the way the general public understands BMW models.
  2. The cigarette lighter remains operational without the key or ignition. Good to know if you have children.
  3. Explains in detail the Xenon light package. I know the link says E38 but the system itself is very similar. I'll be researching this more. I find this interesting.
  4. the E46 was released with a front engined rear-wheel drive layout with 50/50 weight distribution. This balance allows for optimal handling in regards to the drive train layout. Some bragging rights.
  5. The rear ashtray as well as the front will eject themselves if you push the lid back a little farther after opening.
  6. Just because you think you have a leather interior. You may not, even despite Premium package. Search Leatherette.
  7. Not sure if its been mentioned.. There is a small green piece of plastic attached to the top of the fuel door. This is to hold your gas cap while filling.
  8. You can display your RPM digitally on your odometer screen.
    Originally Posted by FUBAR
    Instructions to access the hidden OBC functions:
    1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to on position
    2. OBC should show "Test"
    3. Use Trip Reset to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features
    3. Wait for display to show "Off"
    4. Depress Trip Reset for 1/4 second and release it
    5. With no delay press Trip Reset several times to select the following...

    7.2 + Engine speed / Current RPMs 1/min

    This will show your current RPM in a digital readout on your dash.
    Thanks, fellow fanatic, for the instructions for RPM readout. (link to post = )

    Cool info you can find in your manual:
  9. "TONE LIN" setting on a Business CD player restores all your original factory balance and sound quality settings.
  10. Some E46's with Business CD player have a "Key Memory" feature.

    Details verbatim: Each person must use his or her own ignition key. You can have your BMW center customize the following settings for each key:
    Last audio source heard. (Radio, CD Changer, or CD)
    The last radio station heard.
    The last sound settings selected.

    The settings stored by the key will be automatically activated from ignition key position 1.
  11. Some E46's with Business CD player have a "Automatic Storing" feature.

    Again, verbatim from the Business CD manual:
    Automatic data storage (AUTOSTORE) is advantageous if you need quick access to the strongest radio station in area while you are doing long-distance driving. The 6 respectively strongest stations can automatically be stored on the FMA and AMA memory levels.

    Press and hold AM or FM. Display, eg.: fma AUTOSTORE. The radio automatically changes to the FMA or AMA memory level. The 6 currently strongest stations are automatically stored under station key 1 is then tuned onto.
  12. Refer to page 124 in your owners manual to find a auxiliary hook up under the hood by the passenger strut tower for jump starting your E46.
  13. I never was exactly sure what guide lines the central locking pump worked by concerning doors open or closed while using the manual lock/unlock button located on center console. This is shed some light and hopefully make using and understanding your E46 a bit easier.

    Verbatim: If only the drivers door was unlocked from the outside and you press the button, with the drivers side door still open, the passenger-side door, the luggage compartment lid and the fuel filler door will unlock, too. If the driver's door is closed it will be locked by pressing the button.

  14. If you desire the central locking system can be activated automatically as soon as you begin to drive. This can be adjusted to be key specific as well.
  15. Only the master key will fit the trunk lid lock. The same goes for the glove compartment.
  16. If your battery is dead you can flip down the panel in the headliner where your sunroof switch is located and manually roll it up. You will need the Allen key from the on board tool kit to move the sliding/tilt sunroof.
  17. You can have the sensitivity of your vehicles automatic headlamp control adjusted at your BMW center.

    One thing that I was impressed with the most:
  18. On your automatic climate control panel. You will notice the button for your Outside Air/Inside Air. It has two circular patterned arrows with an A inside the circle on the left and a small indicator light for each, showing which is engaged. For a long time I thought this button was simple inside/outside air selector. This is wrong..

    "When the left indicator lamp is on you enter "AUC Mode" The system recognizes pollutants in the outside air, and block the flow of air when necessary. The system them recirculates the air currently within the vehicle. Depending on the air quality, the automatic system then switches back and forth between outside and inside air supply and recirculation of the air within the vehicle."

Hope some found this interesting. Don't just skim through this. There is tons of information in there. If you look closely at your BMW, you'll realize everything was very thought out, and there for a reason, even if you may not understand it. It's amazing what you may find if you would simply find time to open your owners manual.

I apologize ahead of time for any spelling or grammatical errors. I never claimed to be the sharpest crayon.

ya, i'm a fanatic.

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