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Originally Posted by daz415 View Post
... It's like drunk drivers killing people but walk away from the crash site unscathed! Unfreakin believable! ...
Yes, I know! Although, I can't say I havn't gotten lucky and walked away with my car and myself after a couple stupid incidents in my younger youth. Nothing like drinking or driving or anything. Just some spin outs, or not paying attention, and what have you. Typical 16 year old crap. Lucky I had crappy, slow cars back then so I couldn't get into too much trouble lol. That was before I realized the seriousness of it all along with the consequences.

Kind of OT, but I 'heard' somewhere that the reason drunk drivers are more likely to survive such a otherwise fatal crash is because they don't even know its happening. Their body doesn't tense up and hurt itself as much by trying to brace the impact with their legs or arms, like a sober person's natural reaction would be. Tensing simply causes the energy of the crash to transfer to their body easier. Since a drunk go into the accident without moving their body out of its normal posture, completely oblivious to everything, they preform through the crash exactly like a test dummy would, so the cars designed safety features work much better. Once again just what I've heard, makes sense though. It's sad it has to work that way, the more innocent of the 2 getting injured more...

People are idiots. Lets see more videos of them!

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