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I did the relays on a GM5 board.

Getting the relays out is the hard part. Small wire on relays, double sided circuit board, lead free solder!! My board also had a weather proofing silicon sealer it was dipped in as well. The silicon was just like a thin layer of clear RTV. Fairly easy to scrap away, just one other thing in the way to pulling the relays.

I used a decent hand held solder sucker and a 45 Watt iron??

My trick was to actually tin or resolder each relay terminal with lead based solder, to allow the heat to flow from the solder iron to the board, then use the solder sucker to pull the solder out of the trace hole. If I was unsucessful with the first solder sucker attempt, I resoldered with lead based solder, then used the solder sucker again. If you are careful and decent tools, you can do it, but it WAS NOT easy, and I have performed a lot of electronic assembly and repair in my day.\

One other thing to replace at the time you repair your GM5 is to install a new wiper relay. Just after I sorted my GM5, the wipers were acting up. I originally thought I screwed up something in the GM5, but after some thought, replaced the wiper relay for about $22 and all was good.

The other suggestion would be to swap your horn relay and fuel pump relay at the same time. This costs nothing. The horn relay probably gets little to no use over a 7-10 year period, however, your fuel pump relay is used everyting the car is started.

I have found in these cars the control circuits/relays tend to give out long before the item the control, except for window regulators and fuel pumps!!

For all the nay sayers out there, a word to the wise, once your car is 7-8 years old, I would recommend replacing the relays just because. Because it is not if you will have a problem, but when! It seems that most cars have problems around year 8-9 from what I have seen. As for the fuel door, now sure about the early cars, but the later cars had an emergancy gas flap release in the trunk.

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