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Originally Posted by Oqey View Post
How many mikes has it done?

Need to start with the ATF fluid, get it replaced.

Check your MAF sensor, if it's poor it will cause the gearbox to malfunction. Don't forget the gearbox needs information from MAF to function effectively.

The aftermarket bluetooth accessory u installed might be conflicting with the gearbox module. Yes there is a TSB on that! U may try to remove it and see if it help.

Last but not the least plug a scanner on the gearbox module and see if there is a fault code.
I'm hoping to get ATF replaced over the weekend; I'm unable to find any information (service manual etc) on my car. I couldn't even find a dipstick to check the level. Before I bough the car they have replaced MAF because it was giving check engine light when i took it for a spin. I'm sure they wouldnt buy new one (stealership), they probably got second hand MAF. But if MAF caused this wouldnt it cause my obd scanner to show fault?
The reason I bough obd scaner was the gear box playing up so I dont think it would cause any issues.

Car has done just over 50k km which I dont think is much.
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