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Originally Posted by Oqey View Post
FYI, you can't read gearbox code through the obd port! They have their own port and it requires a dedicated and much complex software to read them. The obd is only for emission related issues. The symptoms u r having sound Like the bands are slipping inside the box. Like I said take it to a place where they are capable of reading the gb module and see what can be done from there
Are you sure? I was reading codes from my gearbox, air bags etc. via obd2 on my VW. I just needed VAG-COM not just any odb2 scanner. Here in NZ they want arm and leg for checking codes. Last time I checked it was just over $100 for a quick scan, plus they use cheapo chinese scanners that sometimes even can't connect, which for mechanic is "no erros found" still $100 to pay. It was the main reason why I bough vag-com for my vw. Is there anything similar for bmw?

I never heard of bands (i just did some research on wiki on them), sounds like if they are slipping or are broken etc etc. it would require whole gearbox to be removed and which sounds like $$$$$$$$. Probably more than the car is worth based on current kiwi attitude to European cars of "oh he drives euro... thats an extra 200% to the price".
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