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Originally Posted by pkotsin View Post
hey i just bought a e46 318is, it have the t.v screen that folds down to put the disc in
my screen cracked recently and i was looking into buying the dynavin as a replacement as it already has the sub input and ipos connectivity and all of that,
just if i could ask you guys a few questions about it before i do purchase the unit.
i looked on ebay (the american ebay) and the unit is 300 dollars cheaper, but i am not sure if it will work as the maps might be different or may not pick up our radio frequency.
will it fit straight into the area where my old screen was located?
can i use my phone buttons on my steering wheele for the phone and music?

The US ones didnt come with Digital TV. not sure if the one you saw does. Otherwise they were the same units. However Jason's units you buy locally comes with 1 yr guarantee and that is probably worth a few dollars extra you pay. You also will have shipping costs if you get it down from US.

The Dynavin will fit straight into any e46. If you have nav already then you need the 5M fakra cable in addition which Jason will sort you out with.

All buttons including the phone and music works off the steering wheel. Where are you located ?
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