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Originally Posted by spencers View Post
Why cheap out on value? (BMW of Naples Florida) has each set for $225 shipped.
How is buying the value kit cheaping out? Its the indentical part but bundled for particular markets.

The link you provided is for the older 323/328 model - those brakes are less expensive than for the 330i. It is NOT the same comparison. The brakes are different. The newer brakes/rotors are much more. Have a look.

The Value Kit for the 323/328 is even cheaper than the 330i.

VALUE LINE Brake Kits:
FRONT PADS/SENSOR 34112157573 - $74.37
REAR PADS/SENSOR 34212157576 - $62.13
VALUE LINE Brake Kits:
FRONT PADS/SENSOR 34112157571 - $62.11
REAR PADS/SENSOR 34212157575- $54.72
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