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Originally Posted by CWBIV View Post
I liked that Oxford green and especially natural brown interior but the build date didn't work for my use- my mother has a beautiful 01' 330cic in Oxford green, green convertible top, sand interior... Such a classy looking color.

I talked to both dealers on the cars- I was in preference of the red one in Davie, FL (gray interior) and had a deal worked out for $10k- but the buyer for my pickup truck couldn't get final financing. It was purchased by someone this past week... :-(

I'm dying to sell the truck because I need my wagon!!!

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You're right on that Oxford, it's sweet, if it wasn't salvage I would have bought it myself lol. The Electric Red in Davie had a family that drove 4 hours (according to the dealer) to see the car and couldn't get financed. I was ready to pull the trigger but he said he had given them until monday to find financing, which they did. I never cursed so much in my entire life hahaha.

I too have been chasing them down lol. Best of luck, and I'll pass down anything I see as I have a deal pending on an 03 Ti/black.

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BTW if you want to post some more info on exactly what you want it'll be helpful as there are some high mileage cars for around 7Gs, one in particular is Oxford.

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