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Boogety boogety Goingnuts here.
Sounds like the start of a NASCAR race.

To each his own.
I agree that BMW knows what is best for their engines.
Getting an oil BMW certified takes a lot of $$$, which the big oil manufactures have. Seen the price of gas recently? I also know from personal experience that the product I prefer, saves money on fuel and will last LONGER than the OEM stuff BMW recommends. Under independent lab testing, I choose to use the oil that is best. There are a lot of racing teams that use basically all the big oil company products for endorsements. This is a "political" issue, as in government kick backs. Once you get over all that, you are left in confusion wondering what to use.

In my case, the decision is easy to go with AMSOIL, as it meets or exceeds the manufactures specifications.
BTW, the RD50 15w-50 is a "thick" oil, closer to 60w.

Have a nice day!

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