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If I wake up earily enough, I shall be there saturday.

Originally Posted by sg_wannabe View Post
i am told it sounds awesome. can't wait for vids. unfortunately, they won't do it justice.
Honestly, if you have a decent speaker setup, my camera seems quite accurate.

Laptops just dont cut it. My normal computer speakers are a Klipsh 2.1 250 THX theater set with an added 80 watt theater subwoofer, so my computer speakers have some bass and its just too much, not realistic. Some halfway decent headphones might be best. However, speakers cannot reproduce the presence of the actual vehicle.

When it comes to posting music for my bands and sound clips I try my best to keep quailty. Most of my videos can be watched in 1080p

Originally Posted by ///Mspired View Post
Tested the 330s handling tonight

I can take turns much faster now.

255 squared is the shiznit yo

I felt like I was on a roller coaster..
Wait till you get proper coils, sways, and strut braces.

You know what a burning rubber band smells like if you say, set it on fire or heat it up with a soldering iron? Well thats what my car (tires) smelled like after an especially "spirited" drive home tonight.

on the flip side, on friday night when its 28 and "raining".... try driving with those fancy new tires


cant make it, have to run the play

De gustibus non est disputandum.

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