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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post

What isn't your car then? Last I checked it was a highly modified 500 hp supercharged m3

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well, there are quite a few supercharged e46 m3s out there. i can think of quite a few local to me in addition to quite a few boosted e36 m3s (supercharged and turbocharged) as well as boosted e9x m3s. as a matter of fact, one of the gt core members is about to go aa stage 2 on his 09 e90 m3 dct.

in any case, most of my mods are "been there, done that" with a few exceptions. the problem with e46 m3 modding is that most owners suffer from cookie cutter syndrome. and for quite some time, my car fell into that category. this current project is going to separate my car a bit. at the same time, "doing what everyone else is doing" is not necessarily a bad thing imo as well as "being different for the sake of just being different" is not always a good thing. i really think that brad's car is true to the track dna of the m3. my car is not at this point. in other words, brad's m is more true to the intended purpose and greatness of the e46. i am just sayin'....

btw, not that it matters, but my crank hp is estimated to be closer to 570 on pump and closer to 600 on 100 oct. again, not a big deal. if you meant 500 whp, then my car would not reach that mark prior to this project. i am hoping that my car can do at least 1 pull on a dynojet close to 500 whp. we will see though. the difference from before and when project is done is 2-fold:
1. i plan on running ver4 updated stage 2 software (vf claims that the numbers are the same as the previous version, which is what i have, but i have seen some dynos and they seem to be stronger than comparable dynos of the version i have. however, i realize that there are a lot of factors that affect dyno numbers....)
2. i have added a decent amount of w/m injection

an added note is the plan to delete the clutch fan but that would only free up 10-15 chp at most in my estimate.

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