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For a RDS, I'll likely never switch away from Aimpoint. Aimpoints have been the most rugged sights I've ever used. Given all the reports I've been getting from other RDS users, the Aimpoint is the only sight that consistently does not malfunction or fail in the field or on the range.
If I'm going to drop $2k+ on optics for an AR, I'll buy the new IOR 1-10x, or spend a few more dollars and buy the S&B PMII 1-8x short dot or the Premier V8 1.1-8x.
1.5x/6x mag range, that's the mag range I want for a battle rifle/SCAR setup. I'll likely go with a USO SN-4 1.5-6x for that range, and still save $1k.
In terms of 1x/4x, there are lots of scopes that are just as effective for the same or less. I can pick up a used S&B PMII 1.1-4x short dot for the same as a Elcan, or several various 1-4x options like Vortex, USO, NF, Trijicon, etc. for less.
Elcans are great, but as I said in another forum, they're just so damned expensive. YIKES.
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