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actually YES!! Took like a hour to tape up that ashtray cover and all the nooks.... Since you want the non-CF'd areas to remain factory and unpainted, I had to tape all those areas first.

So, at this moment they're painted and have cf cloth on them (base coat). curing now. Another coat tomorrow night and then trim....

Going to look really nice...

I've wrapped 3 sets this weekend including yours and prepped 2 more:

- 2004 Z4 interior (3 pieces). Painting tonight. Going 1x1 PW CF cloth for him. Really looking forward to this set as it will be my first "Z"...... May start a thread for this wrap.... Going to be particularly beautiful as these are big sweeping pieces.

- 2004 e46 vert (8 interior pieces)


- 2004 e46 M3 Interior and engine pieces to start mid-week.


- Honda CBR 600 complete farings (1x1 PW CF)

That should keep me busy to end of week!!! Plus, need to work in a couple of days to clear coat and buff/polish parts shipping this week.
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