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Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
is there any reduced lifespan/risk when having homes with rusted outer panels?

I'm a fan of the look and style, but am concerned that over time the integrity of the structures may deteriorate.

question 1b) is there any way to seal in the rust with a sort of clear coat? And if something of this sort were done, would it cease the corrosion/oxidation? Or would the already corroded layer continue to eat away at the surface below?
Yes, the rusted exterior is shortening the life span of said panels.

Providing a clear coat over the panels will prevent oxygen from contacting the surface...thus preventing oxidation (besides what small air bubbles exist under/in the coating, never going to get it perfect). There is still contaminants on the surface though and therefore corrosion will occur (corrosion occurs on different levels and different forms). To remove all said contaminant, you would have to remove all of the rust and strip back to bare it is a lose lose situation. To be fair, the corrosion rate in that situation would be a good bit slower than normal (if coated) and totally worth the cost to own...sweet freaking houses! To be real, I can't see it being any more work/money to maintain a house like that versus a wooden structure, both have their weaknesses and required upkeep. A house like that (here comes some guessing) would likely last 50-60 years before corrosion became a dangerous (loss of structural integrity) situation.
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