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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
Yes, the rusted exterior is shortening the life span of said panels.

Providing a clear coat over the panels will prevent oxygen from contacting the surface...thus preventing oxidation (besides what small air bubbles exist under/in the coating, never going to get it perfect). There is still contaminants on the surface though and therefore corrosion will occur (corrosion occurs on different levels and different forms). To remove all said contaminant, you would have to remove all of the rust and strip back to bare it is a lose lose situation.
Figured as much... I guess all main components would have to be galvanized, and maybe make all the "rusted" panels purely cosmetic and interchangeable.

What would you advise as the best metal for a main housing structure that would be low maintenance and long life-span, in terms of corrosion?
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