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Originally Posted by Bemwe_03i View Post
I got couple of rust spots (< than 1mm) from rock chips in the a pillar, will cleaning these the applying paint over it solve the problem?
Also when i wash my car i apply a coat of spray on wax does this do anything good? Usually in the areas where its in contact with water.
If you do a thorough job of cleaning the areas and make sure you remove all traces of what you used to prep the surface, then you will be good. The tricky part is when you only treat the obvious area of exposed metal and fail to realize the paint that exist around the chip a bit has delaminated out a little further (even on a microscopic level) and you don't clean out the contaminants well enough...and then reseal it all...you will wonder why it is rusting again (not knowing you missed some). Best bet is to take back the paint a little way away from the initial chip and then fix.

Originally Posted by farmdog View Post
Great answers.....you really know your chit.
Well done.
The theory of basic corrosion is really a simply concept (makes me wonder how I get away with the paycheck I do). Your hot water heater has an anode in the center that protects it from corroding...they base the warranty of the expected life span of that anode. A battery is a corrosion cell: A high energy source coupled with a nuetral/low energy source creates a driving force aka power. It is everywhere, in more places than most realize.
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