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Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
Figured as much... I guess all main components would have to be galvanized, and maybe make all the "rusted" panels purely cosmetic and interchangeable.

What would you advise as the best metal for a main housing structure that would be low maintenance and long life-span, in terms of corrosion?
Something plumbers and others deal with is that fact that two different metals contacting eachother can cause corrosion. Different metals have different energy levels. Think of how one metal takes a much higher temperature to melt than another, this is because they are different compositions. So, if you couple steel with copper...the copper (?...haha, have to look at my metallurgy charts to refresh) will corrode and the steel will stay intact. Remember that science class in high school where they took a penny and plated it with silver from a nickel using a battery? That is corrosion happening due to the different energy levels of the copper penny and silver nickel....albeit a little influence to react faster by the presence of the battery.

As far as what material is best: I'd have to look into that one for you, I'd be bullshitting if I said I knew off hand.

I think the best bet would be to do as you say. Make a strong metal core with a exterior layer of rusted panels, designed in a way that they could be replaced relatively easy (remember though, they will still have a decent life span so it wouldn't need to be the primary focus when designing...just not impossible). Put non-metallic spacers in between the two (insulation even) and you can prolong the life.
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