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Originally Posted by xtestifyx View Post
Is that a steel that is extremely resistant to rust out there that could have a future?

I know there is a cutlery grade steel coming out from Japan with Carbon replaced with Nitrogen, thus it has an uncanny resistance to rust
The more pure the steel the better resistant to corrosion it is due to lack of contaminants. That said, it cost a lot of money to produce that quality of metal and it is often seen as uneconomical to invest that much into the product because:

- Most buyers will not understand/appreciate the elevated price for the quality steel
- You can produce two/three/four times the amount of "normal" grade steel for the cost of one unit of top tier grade steel. Why make a structure last 200 years when made of expensive steel...then we would being paying a much higher cost for things upfront and loose work in the long run when nothing needs repaired/replaced.
- I would be out of a job....FU

That said, there is a small demand for very high quality metals. Think the metal they put in someones hip....that needs to be good enough to last the entire span of projected use and more. They actually reuse metal parts that were once inside a person who is cremated...quality stuff made to last a long time...also why metal hips are pricey!

Nitrogen is a noble gas and not very reactive, thus can help resist a corrosion reaction in the yea, makes sense to me that they'd use it.
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