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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post

That said, there is a small demand for very high quality medals. Think the metal they put in someones hip....that needs to be good enough to last the entire span of projected use and more. They actually reuse metal parts that were once inside a person who is cremated...quality stuff made to last a long time...also why metal hips are pricey!

Nitrogen is a noble gas and not very reactive, thus can help resist a corrosion reaction in the yea, makes sense to me that they'd use it.
I agree with the minimal demand of High grade metals. I think they're using Titanium to make Bolts and such to put into people's spines

I am coming from Cutlery, where only a very small portion of people go for the best available since it's cost is high in comparison. While the difference in performance is quite drastic, most people look at Cutlery as if it didn't matter much
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