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Originally Posted by scott0482 View Post

picture is very large.. it is of my car.
what should i do to fix it that isn't very expensive and something I can do?

this is in front of the front passenger door..
If you arn't afraid of giving prep and paint a go, I don't see why you couldn't give it a shot...worse case you end up paying someone to do it right...which you would do anyways if you didn't try.

Take the skirt off to get better access, sand down to bare metal a spot maybe twice the size of what it is now, clean with some cleaning agent (there are good/commonly used items for paint prep out there), dry well, give the surface a good profile for the primer/paint to adhere to, then prime/paint.

Originally Posted by 325max View Post
what are some of the worst plants you've been to? The cleanest? Have you ever tested a running line and found that it was beyond its corrosion allowance? Did you have to shut it down?
Work in refineries eh?

Worst, in terms of infrastructure condition: Tie between Mid Valley Pipeline and Buckeye Pipelines (in regards to petro)....other than that, any natural gas company. NG companies tend to skirt by the law a bit due to their shear size and network of systems. With all of their recent attention due to exploding lines killing people...they are getting cracked down on quickly and are about to be forced to spend MAJOR, aka billions and billions, of greenbacks to get their infrastructure up to regulation.

I was doing an audit for a 20" crude oil line in Lima, Ohio. The local BP-Husky refinery decided since no one was claiming this 50+ year old line that existed (record keeping in the old days was horrible, ofcourse) that they were going to claim it and use it to pipe product to a nearby terminal. The audit showed there was no system in place that was providing corrosion protection to the pipe (duh, no one knew who owned it so who was going to invest money into it?!) but when they saw the six figure price of digging up sections to complete visual inspections of it...they weren't interest and went ahead and started using it. Two months later, they have a nice leaking pipeline with the EPA breathing down their necks over it. They tried to say they were "leasing" the use of the pipeline and therefore not responsible for the spill...but they had no one to point the finger of ownership at

Best upkept systems: Sunoco. Toledo and NY have refineries that I've been in and they stay on top of their ****.

We are a contracting firm, we design, install and audit the industry. EPA and DOT get to play the part of deciding what to due with the information we report.
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