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Originally Posted by teamdfl

A positive displacement blower is the most difficult to package under the hood of a tightly packed E46 because it is larger than a centrifugal supercharger. The pushrod crowd has traditionally mounted a positive displacement blower on top of the lower intake in the lifter valley between the cylinder heads at the expense of intercooling. In recent history, Ford managed to put an intercooled Roots blower in the lifter valley of the 3.8 V6 Thunderbird SC by routing the outlet out the back of the case and around the motor to the front of the car. Cooled air then entered the intake manifold just in front of the blower. This method used up a ton of space in the T-Bird but the car had space to spare with that long hood.

FWIW, I have an Eaton M60 blower from alow milage T-Bird that I was going to retrofit to my old E28. Removing the AC created gobs of space under the block on the passenger side. I sold the car before I was motivated to start making brackets. One of these days I'll pick up a nice E12 and boost the snot out of it.


Exactly right. The fab process is ridiculous. Notice the Stillen blower on the 350z. They had to use a powerbuldge just to get it to fit...
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