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Originally Posted by INsXTC View Post
Hi, I am in the ndt field and work with a corrosion inspector time to time. Do you do any work in boilers or paper mill? Most of the corrosion inspector I encounter are in the storage tank field (jp8 - jet fuel).
We do some nondestructive testing, but with the cost of getting everyone certified for that sorta stuff...we pretty much let the other more specialized companies keep that market (we have enough cost regarding certifications as it is and just cannot break into the market enough to justify the expense).

We mainly deal with external corrosion and therefore don't mess with boilers.

The guys you know that work around the storage tanks would be more along the lines of what we do. We mainly deal with the crude and refined oils, gasoline (jet fuel as well), butane, propane, kerosene, natural gas and a few others.
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