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Yeah the spare appears to be one of the original tires not the Michelin. I assume at 80k this only has had 2 sets of tires. It has some dry rot and not a lot of tread. This time it wasn't the end of the world as close to home as I was but next time With my luck I'll be 200 miles from home when I need that spare. I am not going to risk it. I have had a bad experience with a bad spare on a road trip.

So assuming my 8/32 is true than I could just buy a new pair and put them on the back? Do I need to get the exact same tires? Or will a similar tread pattern suffice? I would think I should go with the same tire but just checking. Who nows what the local guys will have. I will double check on the tread that I have. I used a metal ruler so.

I could afford to get a new set of tires but these just aren't that bad I hate to throw away money. I'm fine with replacing 2 bad tires just not the other 3 good ones. I'm a college student I'm trying to save as much as I can for next year when I graduate.
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