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Originally Posted by ebudd73 View Post
I am experiencing somewhat the same problem, except am getting both left and right tail light indicators reporting faulty bulbs and they are also staying on the entire time the car is on. I have checked and no bulbs seem to be faulty---however I do notice 1 or 2 small LED's on the high mount brake light that don't seem to be functioning. Could that be what is causing the problem? By the way my ride is a 1999 323i-thanks
License plate lights and reversing lights are also indicated by those lights...could be that wire loom for you...and bet it's a brown ground wire, but check them all if you go that route. I believe the 'extra ground' fix is a way that bmw doesn't have to take the time to remove hose, find weak wires, solder them. Removing a cover and adding a ground elsewhere seems much easier. Replacing that loom is expensive...I want to say a $300 + harness, and I'm sure it's a couple of hours at least. I'm down to maybe 1 hour per trip to that bundle of wires...not so bad.

Oh, and trunk latch is also wired through that don't forget to study details, pull apart EACH wire while you're there and shrink tube every one. You tube for soldering instructions!
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