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Originally Posted by Cavesprings View Post
I'm getting a check brake and tail lamps indicator on the check control display on my dash. It's indicating I have a right rear lamp out but in fact I do not. When I turn my lights on it goes away after a few minutes but comes back when I shut the car off and restart.
I've replaced bulbs and that didin't help.
The dealer says it's a faulty connector in the lamp assembly causing this.
Is there anything I can do short of replacing the entire tail light assembly.
Unplug the offending lamp assembly and look inside the connector for burnt pins.

Look _behind_ the connector where the wires go into it and identify the position of the BRN wire. Look inside the pin-side of the connector to see if the pin of the BRN wire is burned.

Look inside the pin-side of the connector to see if the mate to the pin of the BRN wire is burned, then look on the lamp assembly side of the connector to see if the trace is burned.

If you are any good at splicing wires, you can wire around the burned portion of the connector. If you are not any good at splicing wires, then you will need somebody that is. This is a common issue, and is easily repaired.

BRN = Brown, and is the ground wire for the entire car -- in this instance it is the ground for the lamp housing, but all ground wires on yoru car are BRN. You need to identify the ground path on the back of the lamp housing and connect a wire that you can bring past the burnt contact and splice back into the BRN wire on the vehicle harness. Alternatively -- and perhaps a better option -- is to bring the new ground made from a heavier guage wire out to a metal post and attach a new ground point so the BRN wire is not overloaded again.
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