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Update guys... So i went to Motorcepts today. Was really excited and expecting the best!

and then I realized the wheels I bought, the offset was too great to fit flush.

So I said, what the heck, lets give it a try after the coilover install
and this was the outcome! !!!

Lets just say "rubbing" was an understantment.

You could not fit a pinky between the fender and the wheel. Beleive it or not, the front sat actually really good but the, a complete nightmare. I set the coils to the highest setting and yet i was still rubbing. So I decided to torture my car and drive it (in 1st gear the whole time) to a shop 3 miles away to roll my fender because Leo(the owner of motorcepts) lent out his fender rolling tool...longest 3 miles of my life. The rubbing was soooooo bad Finally I got my fenders rolled, but there was still a lotta rubbing. It sounded like it was ripping my tires to shreds.

So the plan is....Either get new rear coilovers and raise the rear some more or sell the rims and tires Which I really dont want to do :/

ugh, this day couldnt have gone worse

But anyway...thoughts? you guys like the wheels on my car? Should i get rid of em?

Eurowerkz | East Coast
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