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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
did you try unplugging your battery for like 30 minutes to see if that helped? supposedly that "resets" the computer

My old audi did similar stupid #*#*. Whenever I floored the car, the guages would all drop to zero, trip meter would reset, and clock would reset(super annoying). And, on rare occasions, all dash lights would stay on(and I do mean all, every single light bulb in the vehicle), and the guages would all slooowly start to creep up until they all pegged themselves. For this latter problem, the ONLY way to get the car back "right" again, was to unplug the battery for 30 minutes. I hated this

edit: other than that, it sounds like a body ecu(if these cars are so equipped). I know on sienna's and sequoias when they start doing this stupid crap its almost always the body ecu(controls lights, locks, windows etc). There should be a way for a dealer or indy to pull codes out of the system.

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