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saw the flat lime green sedan again with the gtr bodykit on it again this morning!! I think he even fixed the exhaust, doesn't sound like a ball bearing flying around a paint can at a million miles an hour anymore. Black roof (don't remember seeing it black before, was hard to see the details laughing so hard at the exhaust the first time I heard it). Seriously needs a set of spacers on the front and back, I think the rim faces (all blacked out too!) are about 2" in from the fender lips on front and back. If he did that, other than the odd (yet unique, not horrible, just different), I think the car looks fair. Granted it was at 0530 in the morning, not a whole lot of light out, might look like pure booboo in the daylight, but in the dark, she's kinda hot in an ackward kind of way. And the tiny little m3 badges on the m3 side gills he had grafted on there need to go, but atleast there isn't a big m3 badge on the rear deck
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