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Thanks Guys. Been away for a while. The tips on the TB wiring were great. With all the dirt/dust around the connector I couldn't figure out where the tab was. I managed to use a pick and cleaned some of the dirt away and voila I could see the tab now. A little push and a twist of a screwdriver and bob's your mothers brother. So back at this and the car's been sitting for almost a month now....But before I went I put it all back together because I knew if I didn't I wouldn't be able to remember where everything came from...never finished the job... and now I'm starting again. One other issue is that I had was that the ICV wouldn't pull out of the rubber gromet. I could seivel it and I could see the gromet turning in the intake manifold, but it appears to be stuck to the ICV. I pulled that bastard almost as hard as I could and she wouldn't come out. Is there a secret to getting that baby out??? I suspect that the rubber has some how stuck to the ICV so I need to find a way to free it. I tried to get a pick in there, but the angle didn't give enough room to push it in all that far to break any stuck parts lose.

Is this gromet just a straight ring? I've seen a picture of something that matched the part number that looked like it made a left hand 90 degree turn inside the intake manifold, but I've also seen other pictures that appear as just a straight rubber gromet.

suggestions??? Thanks again people.
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