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Originally Posted by ///Mspired View Post
Why is it that there are so many big headed people in the HPF threads...

I'm sure Eugene agrees.
Because they have lots and lots of money.

Originally Posted by the_curry_man View Post
Hey just got back from spring break trip...too bad I misses out on the stl meet but yeah I say we have a meet this week cuz I have spring break...and I'm bored out of my mind

So andy u got that shark but ur rev limiter didn't increase?

Oh and brad, which would u think is more beneficial to the car with headers: a shark injector or AA TUNE? both are around $400...
AA by far. It will be a bit more customized to what mods you have.

Originally Posted by ///Mspired View Post

So track pads or performance street pads? And why
Both. Street pads for the street and track pads for the track. One is not meant for the other. Street pads can not handle the heat that they will see on the track so they will a. fade faster and b. it will kill their life. Track pads aren't meant for the street because a. the harder compound will fry the rotors and b. if they are not up to temp they have very little initial bite.

Its so easy to change pads. I did it that way for two years. You have to spend more money in the beginning because you have to buy two sets of pads but it will get more life out of both.

I personally think you are gonna be in trouble. I think you will be ok in the first run group and maybe even in the second but when you start driving with people that have had proper instruction you will start to notice where someone may be better. I've been tracking for a few years now, have had numerous instructors, and for the most part a purpose built track car and I still don't have the confidence that you seem to have.
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