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pretty sure you can find lots of entry level road bikes for around $500...

I always cringe when I see people throwing out recommendations for ~2k bikes to new riders.....not bad if you have deep pockets (and don't mind plopping down cash for a new hobby, which you may or may not abandon in 6 months)...... but I hate the fact that this is presented to beginners as their "best option", or when they are given the impression, that anything below that pricepoint is garbage (not true)

Your best bet if you really want to take a comprehensive approach to researching this (and why not, if you're gonna spend your hard-earned monies)

1) go to and navigate to the "Beginner's Forum" (you wouldn't research BMWs on a bicycle forum right? so why the reverse?)

2) spend a couple of hours reading, there's a wealth of information already out there, mostly asked by new riders like you

3) then armed with that info, hit your local stores and start trying out bikes

There are TONs of bike manufacturers and models
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