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Nice write up and demonstration. My wife has a RX330 and while I'm still running halogens a friend of mine has the P46 on his 325 and I will absolutely agree that the P46 is a kids toy compared to what her RX330 has going on. With her car you can see sooooooooo far down the road it's crazy and street signs light up before you're even close enough to read them, I'm totally jealous
In all honesty my PIAA Xtreme White Plus setup has better lighting to the sides than his P46's. Light output "looks" nice and updated (he's running 6000k, or 5000k I forget now) but they don't look much brighter than my PIAA's they just have a different color. When it comes to actually illuminating things I personally think the PIAA's do a better a job although distance is about the same (wish I had pics, no one ever believes me). His light output isn't as uniformed and, as you showed, tends to be more about what's right in front of you and not so much about what's coming up soon.

Just a point of reference, we're talking about dark country roads with no street lamps. I was all set to get the P46's last year until I drove his car one night and realized the difference wasn't worth the price tag.

Also worth noting is that she's running stock Philips bulbs and I'm not sure what temp they're at but they look more white than the ones you showed here. She's one of those "why da eff does this person have their highbeams on" drivers when she goes past ya, one of the best setups I've ever seen. Even better than my friends '06 TL.

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