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Originally Posted by infinite012 View Post
My costs so far for the p46 headlights with HID kit (3x bulbs, 2x ballasts): $0
LEDs for shroud project: I had LEDs from my interior LED conversion.
2x RX330 projectors: 1 was a gift from a friend, the other was purchased off ebay for $45, but normally will cost anywhere from $80-$160 per pair.
2x Slim 35w ballasts: $25
2x D2S bulbs: $0, reusing my old/original D2S bulbs off of the car. A new pair of Philips 85122+ will cost $95 (or $50 if you get "slightly used" like I did).

So, if you're lucky and you happen to be an engineering student, you will also have amassed a good bit of extra stuff like wires, soldering supplies, and hand/power tools (most important one: Dremel). Otherwise, you will need to invest in this stuff.

My total cost for this project is $25 so far. I still have to either make/buy a harness and get some clear lenses for the RX330 projectors. If I had halogen headlights, this is the route I would go: wait for quality parts to show up cheap, get friendly with dealership service/shop workers, look at www.hidplanet.com for deals and knowledge.
lol that doesn't count. most were given away etc. not like everyone on here gets that. and you don't need to be an engineering student to have those parts, i have a bunch too lol random parts i collected that seemed like it would be useful.

but yea the cost of the parts is low, but it's the actual retrofit that's the hard part. most people don't have the courage, skill or the time to do that. what you think is easy, isn't necessarily the same for others. i found this out over the years when i'm installing stuff for people. it's also the same reason why a lot of people don't DIY like brakes or something (which is easy as hell to do)

i totally agree, the dremel is the single most useful tool you can ever have.
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