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The best part of the p46 projector: clear lens. I harvested a clear lens from one of the p46 projectors and fit it to the RX330 projector along with a cardboard spacer. The p46 lens is slightly thinner/smaller and has a shorter focal length so the width is decreased on the RX projector, but the sharpness is increased significantly. I will likely not run these lenses on the final product.

Also, I was able to cut away most of the material on one of the p46 frames to get the RX projector to fit properly. I will figure out mounting, aim and rotation later.

Sharp and colorful. I don't know what that squiggle of glare is, but I won't be using these lenses in the final product:

Kind of put together:

I really like this "angel eye" that I made (stole this idea from another member):

And a quick animation of the cutoff color:
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