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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Bump...just coz I posted about my audio issues today too...same door.

I'm still without a clue. You mentioned swapping a door card...what is that?

Also, why was the door unaligned in the first place...prior accident?

If there's a connection right inside that boot to the door, then maybe when they did whatever, that loosened up? I'll have to look in mine and see what's there, though I seem to have lost my left rear speaker I'm considering a failure in a channel...

Hope you figure yours out...if I run into anything that might help, I'll let you know.
The actual interior door panel is what I mean by door card. I took those off the door and plugged the passenger side speakers into the driver door to see if the speakers were the problem which they were not. Yeah I had my car resprayed and they had the doors removed to spray the jams. I don't know if they severed a wire when adjusting or something bc it is too coincidental that the day I get my driver door touched is the day I lose sound in it.
Channel failure is what I thought as well but after switching amps it still didn't solve it.

The plug in the door under the rubber sleeve could be your issue, but it may not be likely. Its 1 8mm bolt to take it off. When you unbolt it, pull up on the rubber and it will reveal the connector in there.

If you come up with anything at all put it in here. When I get back from the shop at some point next week I'll post up what I find out in the diagnostics..

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