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Power Steer Pump DIY Experience

Tried this DIY myself- failed. Some things to know for others before yo attempt this:

1. If your car has the tiptronit automatic, there is an extra little coolant manifold and hoses thar run back to the tranny that needs to be removed to get at the power steering pump. (Unless you are taking off the sway br instead.) This means you have to drain the radiator and all that entails to refill and purge- so that can add condiderable time and difficulty to the job.

2. Make sure you know which is the tensioner pulley versus the idler pully.

The tensioner pully, people say is a reverse thred to loosen (righty-loosey). The tensioner pully has the torx hole that you are not really loosening, but really rotating the pully assembly clockwise to loosen the belt. This is the assembly down behind the fan flades.

The Idler pully is up coser to the steering fluid canister- this is held in place by a single normal long bolt. Do not turn his clockwise think this will loosed the pully tension- you will beak the bolt off (like I did as well as some others). The stealership then wanted $800 to fix this, saying they wanted to replace the whole oil filter housing that the bolt is fastened into. The good news is that you can drive the car with the idler pully off, just dont push it or the belts could slip.

That's what I learned the hard way.

Good luck.
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