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Originally Posted by AMCINK View Post
What would be a model comparable to my DD choice on the following manufacture Knights and Noveske; and your input on these new manufacture in comparison with the DD
Thanks in advance
The SR15 is basically just one model, and the only model that KAC offers. They're not a huge civilian/commercial sales company when it comes to full rifles. They make good 5.56mm rifles, but there are a lot of troops that seem to be unhappy with the reliability of the M110 (Army), Mk11Mod0(Navy/Marines) and SR25(USAF) rifles. They really only offer something like 2 or 3 rifles commercially. The standard 16" SR15 is a nice rifle, and the price varies between $1900 and $2200. It's a good rifle, and I do think it's worth the money. Probably the only rifle they offer that is reasonably priced.

Noveske Rifleworks is a superior company, and one of the Top 3 AR companies out there, IMO. You will pay for the Noveskes. Their biggest selling point is their barrels. They offer their rifles with two different barrels: Chrome-lined cold hammer forged, and their stainless heavy match barrels. The CHF barrels are heavyweight ordnance grade steel made to the specs of M249 machine gun barrels along with the thicker chrome lining, meaning that can take serious abuse and have a significantly longer barrel life.
The 16" Light Recce, Lo-Pro rifle is the closest to the DD V5 you wanted. It's $2135.

The SS Match barrels are Noveske's signature barrels, and these suckers can produce sub-MOA accuracy with match grade ammunition. They can withstand some serious abuse, too. However, they are thicker and much heavier than conventional barrels, as well as Noveske's CHF barrels. The rifles will range from $1615 for the 16" Rogue Hunter to $2460 for the 16" Recon w/ VIS.

Noveske rifles are match and hunting rifles, but they are definitely combat capable without question. You are primarily paying a premium for the barrels, but there is some in there for the rails and accessories on them.
Aside from accuracy, they don't give you anything else over the DD rifles.

Going back to your Mk18 question, were you referring to the actual Mk18, or just the rail? Because if you want just the rail, RainierArms.com stocks them and is one of the biggest DD dealers. They are also cheaper than DD.
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