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Well, an update on my situation is in order. I've been slowly increasing my 401(k) contributions as I realized I was putting more and more into savings and my brokerage accounts and have been at 10% for a while now (plus 4.5% company match). Found out I'm getting a small raise so I just bumped it up another 1% to 11% pre-tax contributions. I've also been and am going to be working quite a bit of overtime for a while (20 hours per week for 5 weeks and then 12 weeks of 10 hours overtime +$46/day expenses during the work-week) so I'm putting that extra take home pay away for the next car. If all goes well, I should be buying my next car in a few months. I do plan on taking out a loan for part of it but will pay that off in 3-6 months (depending on overtime during the second half of the year). The only reason I'm getting a loan is to have it on my credit report since it's been years since I was paying on a loan now and the interest I'll pay over a few months will be minimal.
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