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Hey guys, I'm kind of a "lurker" on here but just wanted to add to this post.

First, great DIY, definitely gave me enough to get my car fixed up.

However, I have a 2001 325XI (automatic), it's my wife's car, and there are a lot of small differences that could get you stuck. I bought a replacement pump from Nappa and they gave me the 325i pump which is the 110 bar pump not the 120 bar pump. They did not include the mounting brackets and the pump mounting holes looked close but I'm not sure if they were exactly the same. I went to Autohaus AZ and got the correct Luk 120 bar pump. Also the pulley on most sites is listed as a 131 mm pulley (mine cracked getting it off the pump). The correct pulley for my car is the 135mm pulley, again went on real OEM got the part number and made sure the one in the description said 135mm.

Things that could get you stuck on this job, the pump is very hidden because of the small heat exchanger for the automatic transmission preheater or cooler (not sure what it's doing). If you look in the pictures above you'll notice that your car has a big silver heat exchanger that is blocking your access to the pump. I took off the fan, shroud, air intake first. Then, with the serp belt still on I loosened the pulley screws. Not too much so the serp belt could break the pulley but enough so you can get them out once it's loose instead of using clamps like above. Then it's pretty much the same as above. The only other part that is different is the back mounting bolt. There are two right in front (13mm) that are very easy to get off and see. Then you'll have to look from under the car, through the wheel well to the back of the pump, you will notice at a 45 degree angle another 13mm bolt tucked behind the pump. Use two extensions and you should be fine, be careful not to drop this bolt when pulling it out as it can get lost in the lines and such.

Good luck all!! Thanks for the great posts and help!!

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