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Just curious. I don't see the glow plug in the picture. All I see on the top of your can is a big hole plug. Do you have more pictures?
I'm in the process of building one of these and have yet to find a steel or aluminum can. I have an old broken portable compressor that I'm contemplating on using the tank from. Does the glow plug need to go in the bottom or could it possibly come in from the side? Also the glow plug threads are 10 x 1.0mm and that makes it difficult to find a bushing or nuts to thread into. If I use the compressor tank, it is thick walled enought to drill and tap so I may go that root. I just happen to have a 10 x 1.0mm tap.
Just thowing some ideas out there. I hope to have one built within the next week or two. Will see how that go's.
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