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Just started work on the driver side headlight. Got the LEDs in the shroud and the projector mounted in a preliminary position. I need to pick up more hardware from the store and then I can finish the driver side light and move on to final testing/aiming.

When I pulled the projector out of the driver side p46 frame, I noticed some black spots in the chrome bowl. Looks like the HID kit burned the chrome off of the bowl.

Anybody have any tips for getting those scratches out of the headlight lens? I tried to rub the inside of the driver side lens because of some haze (probably due to the high UV emitted by aftermarket HID kit), but I think I just managed to scratch it up even more. Tried to wet sand (400-800-1000-2000-Meg Ultimate Compound), but there are still scratches. It's very noticeable when I have the LEDs behind the lens (multiple point-light source).
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