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Originally Posted by hakjai
hey i tried to do a search but couldnt find anything, are there any shops in the ny, nj, pa area that know what they're doing in terms of supercharging/turboing bmw's? i guess im more worried about the ppl installing and tuning whatever kit i get than which kit to get, the kit is only as good as its tuner right?

I plan to be opening up a shop in the DE area in the coming few months.

You can find out more about me over on Bimmerforums as far as my reputation in FI stuff. I have designed and built a twin-screw positive displacement SC kit for the 1993 325is, and plan to move into the OBDII E36, and E46 cars in the not too distant future.

I would be happy to look at doing your install when the time comes!

Twin Screws Rule
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