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Originally Posted by 808elise View Post
Too bad you do not live further to the south. I go to Bolivia about once a year and could have brought some of the smaller parts. Good luck. I was going to joke it up a little in the other forum where you ask about painting carbon fibre but I thought I better take a look at some of your other posts. Do not waste your money on CF if your tight on cash. My honest opinion is that you should chase the cash first and then let your dream find you with ease. All the same I dont want to go into this stuff. Good luck and congratulations on the start of your project. I am excited to see how everything turns out. Do you know how to do body work? If so I would think about ordering your body parts from china. They will be low quality and require work. But shipping will be better and your labor rates seem low so even if you cant do it yourself you can still save money on having them reworked when they arrive. Try revo zport or something like that. They are based out of hong kong.
Thanks for your reply man, but I just finished with the mechanical parts, I just bought the engine and the gtr CF hood, so im just waiting the parts to arrive to my country, next thing is paint job so im almost finished, so i think the car would be ready in a month, then i would upload some vids and pics of my dream car thanks buddy for the links XD
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