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Wierd! Who the he LL knew Chimay made cheese? they are monks so I guess that falls in line with the trappist jelly/beer/homemade things.

Man, I can't remember what I've had this week, but it was something like this:

Yes, I am running through this company like wildfire, and one day soon, I'm going to do the Weihenstephaner bar crawl all by myself! This one was not "crystal clear" as they advertise, but still very much like a hefeweisse, just not so lemon-y:

I love me some Dale's Pale ale too! It's amazing that something from a can can taste this good. I really wish other breweries would get onto this trend, because I am sick and tired of carrying so many glass empties to the store. It really does make environmental sense to start using cans everywhere, so much lighter to ship all over the country/world and it's more cost effective to recycle aluminum than it is glass from what I've heard:

Put back a 12 of this, their pale ale is awesome, too bad I cannot get it in a 6 pack..

And one of my all time favorite high alcohol double IPA's. Can't beat the punch this 6er packs for $9.99:

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