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Originally Posted by 2003E46M3 View Post
Good luck with the repairs Aioros, I understand completely how it feels to want your dream car so bad you'll do anything, pay anything, or in your case, buy it in any condition just to have it. You're a lucky man. It may not seem like it now, but once you put enough love and passion into it, it will all be worth it I promise. Hell, I'm saving up 20k just in case my engine blows some day just so I can keep my E46 dream car rolling. I'll never get rid of it now that I finally have it.
Sir you just said it, thats how I feel with these car my older brother caught me with this car cause, before I was into the JDM world but my brother told me a lot of these car aaaaand man I was just in love with it, I was getting tired of buying things just to have more HP, rims, these and that and all kind of stuff so my car JDM looks agressive, but all that money you can spend in a jdm just to make it more agressive, with that kind of money you can buy at least a 3 series so i think i have grown up a little bit, and guess what im the first member in my family to have a M3 XD.
Now my mother wants a X5 hahahahaha well maybe we are turning into the BMW family right now hahahahaha thanks man for your words take care
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