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Originally Posted by ice2003 View Post
lol, I need the plug that goes INTO this housing.
Oh okay. Sorry. This fix did correct my bulb issue...for now. BMW was nice enough to give me a free bulb as well. I thought that was cool of them.

Originally Posted by NKYe46xi View Post
New Kentucky BMW guy here. Bought a 2002 325xi about a week ago. I am absolutely in love. Been in the 4x4/Rock crawling world the last few years and now life has turned around and I wanted something new, so why not BMW? I am up in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. Buying mostly maintenance parts right now just to prevent any of the stuff that is prone to failure (ie, entire cooling system replacement, general tune up - oil, filters, spark plugs, bla bla) and then also bought some goodies (clear corners and side markers, bought a set of OEM Bi-Xenon lights that I am going to install along with some Angel Eyes, M Shift knob, and some other little stuff). Should be fun to work on the car and hopefully I can come out to one of the meet-n-greets soon and meet some local people.

Forum is so full of information, I'm very impressed. Glad to be here!

Welcome to the forum! Good to see you are a DIY'er. Its gonna save you a LOT of money.
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Class of '03, yet you're still an idiot. Whats your point? Do you really think that you're somehow a god because you joined a site before someone else? ****ing nerd.
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