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Originally Posted by DIMSIM View Post
If u look closely to the pics, Dimmy is in two of them lol

Yoo!! Thanks man! I have no idea how u would know what I look like, but sif not sure man, espeically when I was rocking my BMW jacket tonite lol!

Were u in the smokers area? Like sitting with 2 other guys and u happen to be fkn extremely tall? lol...

I was actually pretty out of it tonite but be sure to come say hi next time man!

Oh and thanks about the new colour rims, the girls hate it but the guys love them... disregard girls acquire green rims

Noone cares about you, thats why he spotted me and not you

hahahah at the extremely tall comment

I'm pretty sure i know which one you're talking about, but that's not me, although i was the other guy with him in the smoking area .

If you're memories any good, there was the tall ass white guy lol a shorter asian dude and then me

BTW , I stopped by the last glenny meet and thought you looked familiar from there !

All that was missing was that high vis vest of yours
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