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Originally Posted by slowguy View Post
Ok, so here's what I am understanding needs to be done.

1. I need to remove and inspect/clean or replace my DISA and ICV and possibly the hoses associated with that.

2. Replace the CCV and any hoses associated with that.

3. I just did a quick inspection this morning, and did see a crack in elbow closest to the intake manifold coming from the MAF - replace.

4. I'm going to get a smoke test done after the aforementioned repairs to check for any possible vacuum leaks.

5. If needed, then I will replace the MAF with the Hyundai seimens equivalent.

Sound about right?
You have to do the lower intake boot...probably was the first and only thing you really needed to do.

While you're there, might as well clean icv, tb, disa but read lots of diys...there are a number of details that need to be attended to.

Start with this $15 part, maybe save yourself the trouble of all the other work and just do this. If it works, then take your time studying up for the 'cleaning' trip.
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