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Solution for digital static

For those poor unfortunates that encounter digital static (dit dit dit) associated with headunit display updates, I have figured out a solution (using only a small piece of wire). From a discussion with steve.325i, it seemed likely that the source of the digital static is a grounding issue.

1) Access your BMW CD changer cable in the trunk

2) Disconnect the USA Spec cable

3) Unclip the plastic sheath from the BMW audio cable (ie. six pin connector)
. This gives you access to the back of the connector and allows you to identify the pin numbers (written on the connector itself).

4) Fit a small piece of wire from the back of pin 2 (brown ground wire) to the adjacent pin 3 (empty slot). This functions to link the audio ground to the common ground once you reconnect the USA Spec cable.

5) Reconnect the cables and test. If the digital static remains, then the small wire is NOT in contact with the leads (try repositioning the wire). *I actually did this with the stereo on. You can hear then the contact is made. Just make sure your stereo is turned down low. It eliminated the problem immediately*

I've used this solution for a week solid without any problems. No digital static and no sequelae.

One would have to wonder if this solution would have helped all the poor souls with DICE.
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